My obligatory Star Wars post : Are my kids to young to see Star Wars

When I was little my favorite thing  was Star Wars. I didn't know about the concept of brand or franchises. But if I did Star Wars was number one. I remember distinctly seeing Empire Strikes Back in the theater when I was little. It was so big and epic. I was hooked. We had the toys (some of which my kids still play with today) and I remember being taken to see a Darth Vader at a Macy's. 

I saw all of the rest of the movies (even the Special Editions) in the theater, some multiple times. So when I heard there would be an Episode 7, I was excited. Very excited. And the more and more I've seen about The Force Awakens makes me more eager to see it. 

We have tentative plans to see it next week, while the kids are in school. But I'm not sure that we are going to let our kids see it. The movie is rated PG-13, and I have a 7 and 5 year old. Are they going to be scared, or overwhelmed? Will it be too loud or too intense. Will the story be too complicated?

I know there are people who will bring kids way younger. But will that be more for the kids or for your own Star Wars street cred. 

Our kids love Star Wars. They have dressed up like Luke and Leia for Halloween. Our place is littered with lightsabers. And they are very aware about the new movie. Is it wrong to deny them the opportunity to see the film the way it was intended. Even if they would enjoy it more watching the DVD, which no doubt will be released in a couple of months. I worry that the loudness and scariness might sour them on the franchise. I know my son stopped watching Star Wars Rebels when it got a little to scary. 

Its too bad this movie isn't coming out in the summer, where we could go to a drive-in and see all together, and if its to much the kids could hide under a blanket. 

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