Tips to getting your kids to be better readers

Everyone hopes their kids are good readers. My daughters teachers gave us a list of things that kids can do to help become a better reader. 

-Be read to every day 

We read to our kids before bed time every night. They really like the Mercer Mayer books. Would really like get to the point where we can read something longer together. 

- Read to someone else every day 

When we can't get our daughter to read to us, I have had her read to her grandmother. Or just aloud as I help my son with his home work. She is still fumbling over words but is getting better. 

-Write something every day. 

We got our daughter a small Frozen diary. She likes it because it has a key. I encourage her to write about her day. Now its a lot of lists, I did this then this. And some drawings of her day. As she gains  confidence in her writing, I'm  sure that she'll start writing about her feelings and other observations. Doing it every day forms a habit. 

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