Its funny, when you think of family traditions it conjours thoughts of the old country (whichever one you like). But one of my favorite new family traditions was started last New Years Day by my then six year old daughter. 

Nugget woke up and said she wanted to have breakfast with the whole family. My wife and I thought it was a good idea, we told my mom, and my brother (and his family) about the plan. My brother and I went out bought some bagels, cream cheese and juices and soon we were all gathered around the table in my mom's apartment enjoying a full family breakfast. 

It was nice, because with busy schedules and other commitments its rare that all of us are ever in the same apartment at the same time. The heart of the tradition isn't bagels (which are important) but being together.

This afternoon, I picked up the juice and cream cheese, and let everyone know what time New Years breakfast would be. 

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