Change of plan

I originally had planned to have a Parenting Fail image on this page today. But I decided that might not be the way I want this blog to go. It was a picture of a topless woman leaning out of a pool who was offering herself up as a "sexy mom who will clean your house or cook for you topless" innocent enough, but what made it a fail was the kid who was in the pool with her. But there is enough negativity and mean spiritedness in the world and certainly online, I didn't want to add to it. So Fridays will have positive stories. 

This Sunday one of the scouts from the Boy Scout Troop I volunteer with, is running a clothing drive as his Eagle scout project. He is looking to collect at least a ton of clothing that will be donated to the Bowery Mission. It is a really good project and has the potential to help a lot of people.

To become an Eagle Scout a young man needs to earn 21 merit badges, on subjects like camping, cooking, first aid, sustainability, citizenship, and finance.  He has to hold a leadership position in the troop and then he has to undertake a service project. The project, needs to show leadership and benefit someone. The young man has gotten other scouts to post fliers all over town, announcements were made at church, he even went classroom to classroom talking about it. It is a big undertaking for a 17 year old, who has other responsibilities to deal with as well. I look forward to working on the project on Sunday morning. And I look forward to seeing the young man receive his Eagle award sometime this Spring.

If you are anywhere near Ridgewood NY on Sunday (1/17) from 8-2 please stop by St. Matthias (5825 Catalpa Ave) and drop off some clothes.

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