Music for Filthy Little Hipsters - Golden Years

Kids today have such terrible choices for music. 
Every week I will expose the kids to something better. 

I was going to post something else this week, but with the unexpected passing of David Bowie I choose to post this one instead.

Golden Years - David Bowie

A few years ago my iPod was broken and I took it to this place where they repair them. The guy loaded a bunch of test music to make sure the device was still working and as I took the 7 train home that day I was treated with the best of David Bowie and that is where I discovered Golden Years.

It is a really cool song, in sort of a Talking Heads kind of way, especially the backing vocals, it probably influenced some of TH's tropical early 80s sound since it first was released in 1975. Musically its fun and light with a really funky tropical beat. This is not David Bowie at his lyrical or musical best. But it is just a really good song. I like the idea of Golden Years and made a really great slide show with this song as its soundtrack.

Neither kid liked this song, which is surprising since it is so breezy and dancey. Last week's song In Bloom, got good reviews from the little guy since he "likes rock n roll" and bad reviews from Nugget because she doesn't like rock n roll. 

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