Music for Filthy Little Hipsters - In Bloom

Kids today have such terrible choices for music. 
Every week I will expose the kids to something better. 

In Bloom - Nirvana 

I'll say it Smells Like Teen Spirit is kind of overrated. I'm not saying it’s a bad song, but it would have made a better name for an album. Personally I prefer In Bloom also from Nevermind.

In In Bloom Nirvana spreads its musical wings, its not all mumbling, snarling and screaming. You can actually discern a few words in there. Its funny the song was on an album that would make the band huge rock stars and it was a shot at a part of their fan base. They were smart enough to know that their loud aggressive punk music (which would be called Grunge) would attract meatheads and jocks who would be into something because it was popular and they could mosh to it. But as Kurt says "he's the one he likes all our pretty songs, but he don't know what it means."

Though they would hit their peak as musicians in their In Utero album a few years later, In Bloom is Nirvana at their snarky-punk-rockiest.

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