On this day

I love the ON THIS DAY feature on Facebook. And recently I got memories from 7 years ago, which was President Obama's inauguration day. I posted the name of five children, only one of them was one year old yet. The others were all approaching their 1st birthdays. 

I realized that their world view would be so different from the one their very exhausted parents all grew up in. They would be growing up in a world that it doesn't seem like something special that an African American could be President of the United States. And if a woman, or a Jewish person, or a WWE Hall of Famer is elected President It has nothing to do with those labels, but that they were elected because more people thought they would do a good job than the others. 

These former babies are now 2nd graders. Boy, that makes me feel old. But despite how flawed and divided we are as a nation, anyone can try to be whatever they want to be. And maybe it will take 10-11 years when these kids are allowed to vote (hopefully sooner), but perhaps they are the generation that may be able to save America from itself. 

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