Easy camp recipes: frozen pudding pie

There is nothing better at the end of the day at camp than a delicious meal followed by a nice desert. While I am usually a baker, when you have near freezing temperatures and snow on the ground it is the perfect time to make Frozen Pudding Pies. They are insanely easy to make and are delicious. So its perfect to make with young kids.


Pre-Made pie crusts


Pudding mix

Whipped topping

Make the instant pudding using the directions on the box. When properly whisked, pour into a graham cracker pie crust. Cover the pie tin and set aside. 

I made a "freezer" by packing snow on a table. I placed the tins on the snow and then packed them with more snow. I covered them with a larger tin. The pudding will have set but you want it to become very firm. So you wait. And wait. 

After a few hours, open the pies up and spread on some whipped cream on top of them. The pudding should be very set at this point. But you want it to be very firm. After you cover the pies with the whipped cream recover them, and add a little exta snow, to replace any that may have melted during the day. 

Unfortunatley the whipped cream didn't freeze totally but they came out great. And the entire group liked it. 

"The pie was mad good" - anonymous scout

While a little more difficult, this can be done in the summer with a lot of ice and shade. Though it may not have the same ice cream texture. 

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