I wasn't going to do this ...

I wasn't going to do a recap post about Dad 2.0. But I realized I took a lot of good pictures and they can tell a little bit of the story. 

Dad 2.0 - Was about connecting dads with brands.  This started for me when I drove down to DC in a fully loaded KIA with three other dads. It was a great ride and gave me opportunity to upload some fun videos. 

Dad 2.0- Was about outdoing each others great photos of the nations capitol. This was my favorite picture, it is a panorama of the Lincoln Memorial. I love this picture. 

Dad 2.0 - Was about fellowship, community and trying new things. During the welcome party I learned I like bourbon. I learned that taking professional head shots is not as easy as standing there and smiling. And firefighters are just amazing considering how much gear they have to put on and then running into a burning building. 

Dad 2.0 - Was about meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones (even old friends who ended up getting carded at the bar!). It was great seeing guys from the NYC dads group, and many guys I met at the At Home Dad convention in the Fall.  It was also about sharing ideas and inspiration. I can't wait to attack this year and be more extraordinary when I get to Dad 2.0 in 2017.

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