I'm not going to see Batman v Superman

Sorry dude I'm not going to see your movie. 

I'm not a boycott this or boycott that kind of guy. But I will not pay one red cent to support the Batman V. Superman movie. Not because I hate the dude playing Lex Luthor, or that Doomsday is some sort of General Zod zombie. But that the BVS ad that ran during the Superbowl was from Turkish Air. I will not support anything related to the country of Turkey, until they recognize and apologize for the Armenian Genocide.

This is not a bullshit boycott. I would have seen the movie. I was looking forward to it. Honestly. I think Ben Affleck is going to be a great older Bruce Wayne and a semi-retired Batman in a Dark Knight Returns kind of way. But now, I'm not going to know. Am I going to by any BVS toys? Nope.

I know its expensive to make a movie. And any company who would be willing to be such a corporate sponsor is hard to turn down. Especially at $5 million per 30-second ad. But you have to have some standards.

There are not a lot of supporters of recognition of the Armenian Genocide. The survivors are all but gone now. But their children and grand children (like my wife) and great grandchildren (like my kids) will not rest until those millions of people who were slaughtered, can finally rest in piece.

President Obama what do you have to lose at this point, its victory lap time sir. Have the US official recognize the genocide. And don't go see Batman V Superman.

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