Modern Family's fab four fathers

I am going to have to disagree with this article that recently was posted on . Modern Family shows four good dads in a positive light. They spend quality time with their children, they are not afraid to show their vulnerability (sometimes Jay needs a bit of convincing) and they are respectful of their kids and spouses.

Jay, the toughest nut to crack, has become a more caring and involved dad the second time around. And he is reaching out to Claire and Mitchell to be the dad they need as adults.

Its also a bit short-sided of the author not to mention Cam and Mitchell. Gay dads are awesome and capable parents, just like anyone else. It isn't surprising that would do this considering their very pro-Mom and anti-Dad editorial bend, Why can't they try to be more pro-Parent?

These four men get into funny situations (because its a comedy show) but are not the over the top doofus dad you would find in According to Jim or The George Lopez show. They are also not sociopaths like Tony Soprano, Walter White or Jax Teller. New dads can do a lot worse than modelling their parenting style on the men of Modern Family.

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