Music for Filthy Little Hipsters: American Jesus

Kids today have such terrible choices for music. 
Every week I will expose the kids to something better. 

I think when you first get into a band late your knowledge really starts from that point going forward. You listen to the older stuff but you miss hidden gems. That is what happened to me with American Jesus by Bad Religion. I had started listening to the band a little after the release of their 1994 Stranger than Fiction album, but before The Gray Race(which I love).

It was only when we saw Bad Religion in New Jersey several years ago that they played American Jesus and I was like what album is this from and I looked back and checked out the song further. It is just as good on the album as it was live. Intense. Thought provoking. Sinister. Ted Cruz should try to get the rights to it for his campaign song.

The song has a very polished and commercial sound that a lot of Bad Religion's songs don't have. With the proper distribution and national climate it could have been another hit for Bad Religion in the vein of 21st Century Digital Boy . But don't take that to mean, not genuine and very punk rock. Honestly it is the anthem of the dystopian future that Bad Religion has been singing about for years.

Blogger thinks that the correct spelling for dystopian is Utopian ... which is kind of the exact opposite.

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