Adventures in Babysitting

We have been exceptionally lucky. There had always been a family member available watch our kids when we haven't been able to. Until this past Saturday night. 

Our kids school had an adults only Trivia Night fundraiser, and with all the able sitters in our family out of state, we were stuck. So we had to hire a sitter for the night. We had a couple of recommendations, and luckily one was available. My wife and I were excited about a fun night out. Especially a night where we would be crowned trivia champs. That didn't go as planned. But we were both a little nervous. We were totally confident with the sitter, we were just very concerned how the kids would react. 

We planned a very fun day for them, to lessen the blow that a non-family member would be watching them. That included seeing Zootopia, which one kid liked and the other napped through. And then it was time. We got home, and we told them that our friend was coming over to stay with them. In the ten minute chat we had there were tears, excitement, apprehension, and fear, the kids were nervous too. The sitter arrived, we showed her around, let her know where everything  was. The kids didn't want us to go, but we left. The ride over to school was pretty quiet. But we were confident that the kids would be ok. 

As the hours went on, we didn't get any calls or texts. All was well. 

We got home, both kids were asleep. They had a great time, the little guy was upset for 30 seconds but was good after that. We were so relieved that the experience was good, and the sitter was open to watch them again.

The next morning, the kids were raving about how much fun they had with her. The evening was a success, despite the results of trivia night. Its not going to be an every week or even every month thing, but we now know that if we have an opportunity for a date night, we have options.  

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