March Madness

I don’t know anything about college basketball. But I really enjoy the time-honored tradition of submitting an NCAA bracket. And this year is no different, but I didn’t want to make some weird attempt at choosing who will win. So I enlisted someone who may or may not know more about college basketball, my five-year-old son.

He wasn’t feeling well on Monday and I picked up a copy of the newspaper and started making picks. I’ll share some highlights and trends.

#13 seeds
We ended up picking three of the four #13 seeds to upset the #4s. Duke was the only #4 moving on.

They called him Steve

While we were going through the East bracket #14 seed Stephen F Austin caught my son’s eye. Mostly because he was reminded of Steve from Minecraft. He also said it reminded him of pro wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin. WHAT. The East is also home to the first ever #16 seed upsetting a #1 as UNC falls to Florida Gulf Coast University.

Do You Smell what the Rock is cooking?
In the Midwest bracket another Cinderella is getting ready to dance as #12 Little Rock is picked to take out Purdue. The little guy’s reasoning, “I am the rock”. I don’t think he is comparing himself to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but he is the rock and Little Rock rolls on I guess. Top-seeded Virginia got the nod because the school as the same name as one of his classmates little sister.

Not a wrestling family
While I still follow pro wrestling, my kids haven’t really seen any WWE or what not. They have watched the Slam City, the little guy has a John Cena/Daniel Bryan/CM Punk t-shirt, but other than that not really. It’s just weird that I’ve made wrestling references twice in this post.

He likes turtles
We have two red eared slider turtles, and the little guy just loves them. I hope he still loves them when he is big enough to clean their tank. So when he heard that Maryland’s mascot was a turtle they were moving on. But at the top of that bracket was Kansas, which he liked because it sounded like Phineas and Ferb’s older sister Candace.

Highest seeded final four ... EVER
At number 10 from the South bracket, Temple is the highest seed picked to make it to the Final Four. No team ranked lower than 8 (Villanova in 1985) has ever won the tournament. In addition to Temple he had Green Bay, Stephen F Austin and Little Rock all making it to Houston.

Go West young man
The western bracket also features a prediction of a number one seed falling to a First Four game winner. He also picked Duke, not because he as an aunt who is nurse at Duke University hospital, but because it reminds him of bird dookie. But they are a good team with a great lineage and he has them making it to the elite eight, where they lose. They lose to Green Bay, a 14 seed who is making a great run because green is one of his favorite colors. He wanted to make sure you know that green is also the color of turtles, grapes, some apple jacks and Beast Boy.

Houston Bound
On one side of the bracket, he has Temple and Green Bay matching up. And Stephen F Austin facing off with Little Rock on the other side. If he had his way Stephen F Austin will be cutting down the nets 150 south of their campus in Houston.

Just looking over the picks, I’m not probably winning any pools but it was really fun making the picks with my son. It was great seeing his logic when it came to his choices, I’m guessing it won’t be as amusing if he was backing up his choices with stats and analytics. 

Tonight I will be joining members of the City Dads group, across the nation, watching games and having a good time, thanks to Dove Men+Care, and my bracket will probably be busted, it's gut check time Stephen F Austin, but for non-serious NCAA basketball fans, it is about the fun of betting with co-workers, hanging out wit friends and picking teams with a five-year-old sipping apple juice from a BB-8 cup.

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