Music for Filthy Little Hipsters: Jolene

Kids today have such terrible choices for music. 
Every week I will expose the kids to something better. 

Several years ago I downloaded a live performance of the White Stripes from a British TV show (actually it may have been a Japanese TV show) and they played their hits of the time and some B-sides. The only song I remember from that performance was a cover of Dolly Parton's Jolene.

The song which is about an enchantress who the singer thinks is going to steal her man. From the description in the song I'm pretty sure Dolly was talking about Reba Macentire. What I will always remember about this song is it was Nugget's first favorite song. We had a playlist that had a Dolly Parton version and a cover from Glee, she always said the Glee one (sung by Dot Marie Jones' Coach Bieste) was me singing and Dolly was my wife. That song is so good, and the Glee version was so good and wonderfully vulnerable, so I'm ok with that.

What is great about the song is the desperation in the singers words "you could have your choice of men / but I will never love again". Its so rare to see such vulnerabilty in a song. Its refreshing.

As for Jack White it seems he is in hysterics as he pleds to Jolene. "Jolene / Jolene / Please don't take my man / Even though you can". The White Stripes have such a distinctive sound they can really make any song there own. And they have done this with Jolene.

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