Bonding over pancakes

Kids today are too overscheduled. Yes, that is not breaking news. But sometimes that overscheduling works out and a special moment happens. By accident.

This weekend was one of those weekends. My daughter participated in her school’s variety show. It was two and a half minutes of a really fun sweet performance of the Mickey Mouse club, surrounded by three hours of performances of varying degrees of skill. The next evening, they would do it all over again. At least the second night was a little quicker, the MCs were tighter and more on point. There was also a soccer game that was rained out. It is a lot for little kids, and for their parents to handle.

Sunday was no different. We had our regularly scheduled musical theatre class in the afternoon. The kids are rehearsing the play, Matilda. My oldest had a school thing at church which was happening at the same time as our Boy Scout troop’s pancake breakfast. So we split the kids. I would have the little guy with me during the pancake breakfast and my wife and daughter would go to the school event.

I will be honest I thought that he would get bored and whiney. But he was awesome. We had breakfast together, which we hadn’t done since before he was in school. He found things to do. He found a ball and kicked and threw that around (away from our paying customers) he played with his cousins when they showed up. But most of all he listened. He was the perfect little kid. When we were cleaning up after the event he was helping out, and keeping out of the way when that was needed. It was really nice spending the pancake breakfast with my son.

Hopefully, he will become a Cub Scout this fall and perhaps in a few years he will become a Boy Scout. I am really looking forward to joining him on his scouting experience. It will be totally his, I'll be just along for the ride, seeing it all again through his eyes. It should be great. I really look forward to spending hectic Sunday mornings making and serving pancakes side by side.

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