Code Yellow

While I was at Dad 2.0 in Washington DC a few weeks I struck up a conversation with a woman, who worked for a brand. We were talking us about the best pizza in White Plains NY of all places ( FYI there are no good pizza places in White Plains only mildly acceptable ones). She looked at my badge and asked me how I came up with the name Great Moments in the Bad Parenting. 

I don't think I had ever told people the story. But it is a little bit funny. So here it is. When I first became a stay at home dad, my kids were three and almost one. I had been talking about starting a parenting blog, to talk about being a stay at home dad ( I didn't even know there was such a thing, I still used the double M word)' I just didn't have a catchy name. It was an exceptionally hot Friday, we had gone swimming at the Astoria Park pool. After the swim, we went out to Target to pick up some supplies ( I am guessing diapers and wipes). 

We had one of those carts that have the two seats. The little guy was buckled in. While Nugget was just sitting there. We went through the store and all was good. The air conditioning was cold and it was a welcome change from outside. We were standing in the aisle near home goods and we looked at the cart and Nugget was gone.

We looked around and called her name. No answer. "Nugget!" No answer. I am running all around looking for someone who works there. I told them I am looking for a three year old.  He immediately picks up his walkie talkie, and calls in her description. 

Over the loud speaker I hear "Target employees there is a code yellow". Then they described Nugget. Security went to the doors. Then Nugget comes out from the clothing rack she was hiding in. She ran back to the shopping cart. A Target employee saw here and went over to her and asked if she knew my wife. 

We were so relieved that we found her. They employee called, letting them know that the child was found. We immediately buckled her into the shopping cart. We couldn't even be mad at her. 

As were were walking to the front of the store to check out, I said "well that was a great moment in bad parenting." And it clicked, there it was. When we got home I logged into blogger and set up the original Great Moments in Bad Parenting. That was almost five years ago. And yes this blog almost was Code Yellow.

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