Free Comic Book Day Etiquette

This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. Follow these simple rules and everyone goes home happy.

Respect the limit: Many stores will set limits on how many comics you can take. This allows for more people to participate.

Don’t take the kiddie comics: Obviously, if you are getting comics for little kids then by all means, but if you are a grown up don’t take the Strawberry Short Cake or DC Super Hero Girls, leave those for the kids.

No one is holding anything back: Your local shop isn’t hoarding copies of Civil War 2 #0 in the back. They put out whatever they have been given. So if they run out, they run out. Most quality shops will start putting out inexpensive back issues for free if they have run out of the allotted Free Comic Books.

Not everything is Free: The Free Comic Book Day editions are clearly marked and most likely will not be with the stack of this week’s comics. The local merchant is trying to sell everything else in his/her store, not give it all away for free.

Don’t make a mess: Be gentle with the comics whether they are in stacks or on racks treat them like you would a comic book that you were buying. Remember someone put those books out, respect their work

Come back: Free Comic Book day is awesome, but most comic book shops are open virtually every other day of the year as well. So stop buy, help out a local merchant and read some good comics.

Find a participating comic shop here

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