Free Comic Book Day

Hello, true believers, this Saturday marks the unofficial beginning of summer for comic book nerds everywhere. The first summer blockbuster is showing in theatres and it is Free Comic Book Day at your local comic book store.

Started 15 years ago, as an industry-wide attempt to bring more people into comic book stores. The event has grown into a nationwide celebration of comic books. Many stores have contests, special guests, discounted products, and people in costumes along with stacks of free comics from all of the major publishers and some of the not so major publishers.

This year there is a great crop of new comics for all ages. I know I will continue the annual tradition by picking up this year's free The Tick comic. It seems like every year NEC releases a new story of "The City's" greatest hero The Tick and his very adequate sidekick Arthur. I am also excited by the DC Comics DC Superhero Girls comic. I really think my daughter will be into it. She likes a lot of shows and franchises with similar good girl v misunderstood “bad” girls set in high schools, so this seems to be a natural fit. And as an emerging reader, I think it would be good for her to find a comic that she really likes.


Nothing from the published list of titles really catches my eye as something that the little guy might like. But on Saturday he’ll check them out for himself and maybe he’ll see something he likes. If not He’ll get to carry extra comics for me. Just kidding … but not really.

Go to Free Comic Book Day to find a participating store near you.

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