The Chaperone

All I knew about being a chaperone was learned by watching the WWE films movie The Chaperone starring multiple time WWE champion Triple H. So I polished my championship belt, found a shirt that showed off my biceps and triceps, listened to some Motorhead and spit some water into the air, and headed over to the school to help escort the kindergarten class to a local paint it yourself place.

I had five kids in my group. Two little boys (including my son) and three little girls. We formed a line and headed over to the place. It was only a few blocks away, and a beautiful morning so we walked over. I had supervised children on outings literally hundreds of times over the years through scouting. But this was the first time I was on a field trip with one of the kids classes. Usually, my wife goes if our family is chosen, but since we were a last minute replacement she couldn't take the time. So I was on the scene like a surprise entrant to the Royal Rumble, my music hit and the crowd popped.

The kids all picked out a plaster figure to paint. There were princesses, superheroes, ninja turtles, animals and other random pieces. My little guy picked out Batman.

Some of the kids are very meticulous about their art. Others not so much but they were having fun. Which was important.

I often do lunch duty at my kid's school and I see my sons class. But other than checking over with them, I don't spend an awful lot of time with just his class. It was nice to see them in their natural setting.

So after the painting, and some running around in the backyard of the place(which included a heated game of hot potato) we packed up and headed back to school. The kids (for the most part) listened to us and their teachers, it was a really good time and I was really glad I got the opportunity to join my son and his friends.

An added bonus is I didn't have to hit anyone with a folding chair or throw them through a window.

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