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For years, doctors have recommended that I take a multivitamin. And many doctors tried to sell me their brand of multivitamin. I tried lots over the years. Most smelled like stale bread and sawdust.

Usually, they have been gigantic horse pills. And I have never been a great swallower of pills. This has been with me since I was a kid. I haven't eaten apple sauce since around the tine Return of the Jedi made its theatrical debut. Mostly because I couldn't swallow a caplet, and my mom had to break it down and mixed it with applesauce. The thought of applesauce to this day four original Star Wars (and three special editions) later I can still taste it. Ugh.

But I stumbled upon a multivitamin that works for me. It is the Men's Complete: Multi + Omega 3s + CoQ10 from Smarty Pants Vitamins. These vitamins are in the form of a chewable gummy. They are a little tart, which is a nice way to keep you alert. I have a very terrible diet, but I am getting more than my daily recommendations of eight different vitamins and minerals. Including 1667% of the daily recommendation of Vitamin B-12.

All SmartyPants vitamins are non-GMO and made with organic sweeteners and eco-friendly ingredients. They contain no synthetic colors, artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives and every batch is third-party lab tested. Not on

ly is Smarty Pants good for you, and good for the environment, they are also trying to do good for others. For each bottle of SmartyPants sold, they make a 1•for•1 nutrient grant to a child in need through a partnership with Vitamin Angels, having recently met their initial goal of 1 million matching grants.

Smarty Pants claims there are three different flavors in each jar. I'm not sure how true that is. But you can try it out for yourself by winning a month's supply for yourself. Click on the link below to be entered to win.

This post and giveaway are sponsored by Smarty Pants Vitamins. I have been compensated but all opinions as always are my own.

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