The Playgrounds of NYC - Billy Johnson Playground

New York City has some of the best parks in the world and in those parks are world class playgrounds. One of those is the Billy Johnson playground  in Central Park (enter near West 66th street). Like many of the playgrounds in Central Park they are older looking mostly stone and wood. They are designed to blend into the natural beauty of the park. 

When you walk into this playground it looks like something out of a story book. You are greated through an ivy covered wooden entrance and it opens up into a desert of sand on one side and a stone bridge that looks down on a small fountain, which is more suited as a drinking spot for small birds tgan anything else. Though at first it looks like there is a ton of littler in the playground, large swatches of cardboard are everywhere.  

The big feature in this park is this amazing windy stone slide. On its own its a great ride, but if you grab one of the pieces of cardboard its transformed into a super fast carnival ride. And everyone goes down once and imeaditaly goes right back to log staircase for another ride.  

It is a simple park, not what you think of when you think of the heart of Manhattan. Probably more like the heart of the Shire. 

Overheard at the Park
"As your childhood gets closer to ending you need to get dirtier"

Water feature: Yes
Sand: yes
Shade: Ample
Bathroom: No

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