The Playgrounds of NYC - Dry Harbor Playground

The Dry Harbor playground is a playground stuck in a different time. It is more modern than the old aluminum slides and see saws that were the norm of playgrounds in the 1980s in NYC. But not caught up with the ultra modern playgrounds of today with their space aged polymyrs and rounded corners. But somehow it fits in perfectly in East Glendale. 

The playground is nestled between a basketball court, an asphalt ball field and the entrance to a hiking trail. It is spread out enough that it never gets too crowded even when local day care brings the kids over to play. 

My favorite part of this park is the two level boat, ironically dry docked in the center of the park. On the main deck there are two slides and a firemans pole, while below there is a shaded area with little tables, perfect for having a juice box and some goldfish, or strategizing a full on assult on the larger climbing area. 

There is also a pretty decent bagel place and pizzeria right across the street so that is a bonus. 

Water feature: Yes
Sand: no
Shade: around the edges
Bathroom: Yes

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