The great outdoors

For the past few years I have shared my love of camping with my family. In previous years we broke out the tent and headed to a KOA camp in upstate New York. The kids always want to stay longer. So this year we went for two nights, in a small cabin at a different KOA location (Newburg NY).  

From the moment we arrived we were very impresssed with the facilities. There were two pools, a bounce pillow and playground right near the main entrance. I checked in, and for less than the price of a Days Inn we were good to go. 

This campground was mostly cabins and RV hookups, while there were some tenters. Our cabin was a simple one roomer. It had a bunk bed, a full bed and a small desk. There were plugs, which are essential when you travel with kids and their (and our) electronic accessories. We were smart enough to bring a fan which was a lifesaver. Right outside there was a wooden swing on the deck. 

In past years I went with very elaborate menus. This year we went simple. I went with things that could be easily made on our propane stove and over grill. Over the weekend we had eggs, bacon, ribs,Italian  sausage, rice, mac n cheese, baked beans, hotdogs, bratwurst and brisket. The ribs and brisket were premade but so good. The camp provided free pancakes which was nice of them, and they were very fluffy and delicious. This is coming from someone who dislikes pancakes. 

Taking an extra day gave us a chance to take a short ride into the lovely Beacon NY, for some quality coffee and a growler of great beer. When we returned from our excursion we were back into the pools (both the cold and warm one). 

There is so much to do, including bike rentals, horseshoes and mini golf. For thr   grownups they even have an onsite wine seller "The Grape Outdoors."

This past weekend was Christmas in July at camp so as I made dinner the family watch The Santa Clause 3. Which despite what I said, my daughter said was really good. I brought the food out to them and it was a really nice way to spend an evening, sitting on grass under the stars while enjoying some delicious food with loved ones. 

Saturday night, as everyone was asleep, I sat on the swing chair watching the fire and sipping a fine beer from Rhode Island. I was drifting in and out of sleep. I opened my eyes and see a skunk walking right past me on our deck. Yikes.  Not wanted to frighten it and risk getting sorayed, I waited till he was past the door and ran inside. I left the rest of my beer to get skunky ironically enough and nestled into a bunk as both kids were in the full bed with my wife. 

I can't wait till next year to go back again. 

Note: Despite my best efforts I was not compensated by KOA or their representatives. But KOA offers a great "camping" experience for the whole family at a good price. 

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