The making of a responsible drinker

Earlier tonight I was at the supermarket with my son. It was pretty late, if you were there without kids it would be fair to judge me, running around with a six year old at nearly ten o'clock. 

After we picked up a few needed items we went over to the beer aisle. They do a mixed 6 pack thing, so I was looking forward to trying a bunch of new beers. My son asks me what I was looking at. I told him it was beer and was for big people. He then asks "so I can try it after I go to college and take driving lessons?"

I turned to him and said "sure" he then went on to ask if he'd have to come back to this store to buy beer. I assured him that when the time came I would buy beer that we could drink together. I know it is unreasonable to assume my kids won't try beer until they are out of college. But its nice to think that even at six, my son wants to be a mature adult before  drinking any beer. 

He went on to look at a six pack of watermelon beer from Fat Tire, while I filled out my six pack. Knowing my own hectic schedule, I decided against the six pack and bought a jumbo bottle of Long Trail Ale's Double Bag. If I can finish my house stuff early enough, I may fire up the grill and try that beer. 

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