The one about sea jellies

We had gone to the wonderful Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk CT, with one of my wife's best friends and her son (who first met Nugget when they were 3 and 4 months old). The aquarium is small but nice, they have seals, sharks and even sea jellies that you can pet.

Honestly if you get a chance to pet Sea Jellies in a controlled environment, I totally recommend it. The staff at the Aquarium was so knowledgeable, explaining why the kept the jellies in a frigidly cold tank and about their life cycles. Though no one had an answer to the Sea Jelly vs Jelly Fish debate. Seriously does that look like a fish?

After a nice lunch, at a local Greek restaurant, we had parked our cars near a playground, that was down the block from the aquarium. It was very modern with nice new equipment. The sign at the entrance to the park explained that it was a Sandy Ground. And this one was sponsored by Goldfish crackers, hence the goldfish icons all over the place. But what exactly is a Sandy Ground?

This Sandy Ground is one of 26 playgrounds that were built in areas that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy, in honor of the 26 lives that were lost in Sandy Hook elementary school in December of 2012 just about 19 miles from here.

This playground was built in honor of Allison Wyatt a six year old who was killed by a gunman with an assault weapon in her own 1st grade classroom. The playground is filled with kids running, swinging and laughing. The kind of joy that was snuffed out almost four years ago.

At the time people were sure that the cold blooded massacre of 20 six and seven year olds, and six of their teachers, would be the tipping point in the gun debate in this country. Sadly to say it has just gotten worse. So much worse.

It is nice that there is a playground that overlooks the water and has paths to hiking trails. Its nice that there is a place for your kids to wear themselves out a little more after the aquarium. You watch your kids run and jump, but at the same you can't help thinking about little Allison and her classmates.

Click the link to learn more about Where Angels Play, the organization who is spearheaded the building of the playgrounds.

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