its not child labor

It was a cold Saturday afternoon and I was doing some tweaks to the blog. And I was looking for icon buttons for my social media channels. I wanted something that represents the brand and looks good. And in the other room, my kids were chilling watching YouTube videos and then I came up with a brilliant idea. I grabbed some crayons, some index cards, turned on the new Descendents album and brought the kids into the design studio, err dining room. I had a sample of generic logos and said make something like that. They split them up and made great great logos. I love them.

I am using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on this page and once I get a YouTube channel going that one will go up as well. They loved doing it and as social media natives, they totally got what they were going to be used for. And for a few minutes, they were not even tempted to look at a screen. So that is a win. 

If you like these and want to use them feel free, but please let me know and credit @GMIBADPARENTING

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