Killing Joke

In an effort to post things on Facebook that aren't related to President Trump and the Dystopian Near Future YA novel he is apparently the villain in, I posted the question. Was there some lesser known band that you were into at one point in the past.

I put up a video of the band Killing Joke. And remembered back to the winter/spring of 1994-95 when Killing Joke was a big part of not only my life but the lives of my group. We headed into the city to see some local bands at a Killing Joke listening party in this dive bar on the lower east side. I think there is a TD bank there now. A few weeks later I was at the world famous and infamous Limelight club. The music was so loud coming out of the speakers and bouncing around the vaulted ceiling of the converted cathedral. All I heard was a loud dull buzz for the next few days. I can't imagine how loud we must have been ordering food at the Union Square Dinner after the show. CHEESE OMELETTE WITH A SIDE OF SAUSAGE.

While I was on the way home from work this morning I was playing some of the songs from their 1994 album Millennium in the car. And that was some good stuff. No, it doesn't hold up today, but there was something so familiar about several of the songs.
Then it hit me. This was the sound of our adventures playing the near future role-playing game ShadowRun. Not that we ever played Killing Joke during our sessions, but it had the right sound. Sort of a loud chaotic future. Filled with screams and lasers.

And for the first time in a long time, I thought about Cyboman. My character a split personality Killing machine. He was all equipped with every bit of cyber-wear he possibly could. In role play lingo he was a tank. Break things first ask questions later. But he also had a second personality, reclusive though very charming Billionaire named Jon Heyman. Long before Michael Kaiden said it, we wondered aloud which one Cyboman or Jon was the mask.

Those were fun times. But people move. And are busy. They start families. Have responsibilities but one day I'd like to take out the dice. Blast some Killing Joke. Down some Mountain Dew and take out minions of my enemies.

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