The kids and I were driving after school, they were playing games on their tablets and I was listening to President Obama's farewell news conference. As always he was gracious and classy.

The NPR announcer mentioned the Obama family would be moving out of the White House and into another home in DC. Nugget jumped in and said that she hoped that they would move into our town. And that he would be a great neighbor. I agreed. I asked if he would come over for barbecues. Both kids said that he would. Nugget said he would bring ribs (her favorite) and the little guy said that he would bring beef. Personally I think that he would bring a fancy (though homemade) potato salad.

Then we started using Siri to find out presidential facts. And used some math to figure out how much older Sasha and Malia are than them. For about thirty minutes of they drive, there was conversation, joking and no looking at screens. I guess I would glance over to read a response from Siri before she said it.

As they say THANKS OBAMA!

With soon to Citizen Obama's presidency now down to the hours. I want to look back at some of the things that made many of us love the 44th President of these United States.

Family First - Every night when the President was at the White House he and his family would have dinner together. No advisors, no visiting heads of state. Just a man, his wife and their daughters. Being president was an important part of his life, but not the most important part. Likewise his Vice President Joe Biden put family first. His first wife died in a tragic accident early in his career as Senator from Delaware. Every night he would leave D.C. And head home on the Amtrak to spend time with his sons, who were still recovering from their injuries.

He is an ally - During his time in office President Obama fought for equality for all Americans. Nationwide marriage equality was passed. Don't Ask Don't tell was tossed and even though he is just the Honorary President of the Boy Scouts of America, during these last years the "membership" issue regarding openly gay scouts and leaders had been resolved. And guess what no mass departures from the BSA. And guess what LGBTQ rights don't directly effect him, but it's the right thing to do. History will look at those events and compare them favorably to Lincoln freeing the slaves.

He stuck to his guns - During his last visit with a championship team, the Chicago Cubs, he didn't pander against his own fandom and put on Cubs gear. He loves their cross town rival the White Sox and couldn't be caught dead in the cubs stuff. 

He didn't want to take away your guns, he just wanted people to stop shooting at each other - No other President ever had to deal with so many innocent lives lost to gun violence. From the 26 who were murdered in Sandy Hook to the 9 gunned down while they prayed in Charlestown, and countless others, President Obama addressed the nation pleading for stricter gun control. But pro-death lobbyists bought so many pro-life politicians it never was able to get through the Congress. FYI you can bring all the guns you want into any elementary school but not anywhere near the halls of congress. But I digress. 

The high road - As the first African American President, Barack Obama could have accused his detractors and opponents as racists. But no. He stood with class and respectfully disagreed with them and gave them the benefit of the doubt that they are opposing him because of his policy positions not the color of his skin of the origin of his name.

We will miss President Obama. But no doubt we will hear from him in the future, working hard for all of the American people. Or perhaps discussing his award winning potato salad.

So one more time. Thanks Obama!

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