Dear Olivia

 Today was International Women's day, a day we honor women and recognize the great things they have done and the even better things they will do in the future. We should be celebrating these accomplishments every day.  But I look at you, I see hope for the future. A future where bright women are free to be awesome builders and are not afraid to be good at math. A future where you will be paid the same as your male co-workers.  A future where it's not special to have a female president. She was just the best person for the job that time around. I know me and your mom are doing our best to raise you to be a smart, capable, and lively young woman. We want you to be free to be you. We want you to be secure in yourself and your decisions. We want you to feel safe in the world you live in.  It's also our responsibility to make sure that your brother is a good man when he is grown. Respectful of all the women he encounters in his life. And we can only hope that other parents of sons do the same.  You be you. Don't ever lose the spirit that is you. We will always believe in you and your potential and the potential of little girls like you. 

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