Mario Knows Sports

On of the great joys of being a parent is watching as your kids enjoy things you loved as a child.

My daughter was obsessed with Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends when she was younger. She went so far as having us make her a Firestar costume. Both of my kids love Star Wars and the Mets (I think they might just be humoring me). And in the last year or so my son has become obsessed with video games. You can't find a tablet or smartphone in our home without a bunch of games he has downloaded from the App Store. He was beyond thrilled when they released a Mario game for IOS devices, so was I. Despite having never played Mario Brothers, he knows all the charters from MarioCart.

So when I asked him if he wanted to play the new Mario Sports Superstars game. He was extremely excited. The game is five full fledged sports games; baseball, tennis, golf, soccer and for the first time in a Mario game, horseback riding.
The players are all characters from the Mario universe, like Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and a dozen or so others. My little guy likes playing as Baby Luigi while I'm more of a Bowser guy.

Each of the characters have different attributes which make them better at individual sports. Obviously Mario is the most well rounded character and is really good at pretty much everything. The tutorials are pretty good and thorough, though I had to read a lot of it to my six year old.

My favorite game so far is baseball. The game play is fun and the graphics look great. The pitching controls are really good. Once I got used to looking at both screens to track the ball, field was really intuitive and I was able to turn double plays with ease. The batting is not easy, at times it seems pretty random. The larger characters (Donkey Kong and Bowser) have a a huge back swing, so getting around on a pitch is pretty hard. But when you do make contact, BOOM.
While my son likes the golf game. Mostly because he likes how easy it is to see where your ball is going.

On the other hand the tennis is easy, but filled with too many bonuses and special shots that really take away from the game. 

Overall the game is fun and you can link multiple 3ds' together for multi-player action. I've never played a sports game on the 3ds but I was really impressed with the game play (for the most part) and the graphics.

Mario Sports Superstars Box Art

Mario Sports Superstars which is only available on the 3ds, is available wherever games are sold and is also available as a download through the 3ds. The game also features amiibo integration, including new Mario Sports Superstars collectible amiibo cards. The physical version of the game even has an amiibo card packed in, for a limited time!

Note: A copy of the game was given to us for review, but the opinions are all my own.

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