My reading journal - Tuesday

My daughter's teacher took making sure her class is reading to the next level. She makes them do a reading journal where you have to write about what you are reading. I love it. So this week I will do it as well.

Tuesday: in a few sentences summarize what you read today.

Beware the Power of the Darkside

By Tom Angleberger

Much to my chagrin my daughters teacher mixed up the reading journal assignments. I guess to keep them fresh. So instead of the book I'm reading ( Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman), since I didn't get a chance to read today I am writing about the book Inread last night to the kids at bed time.

Tphis book is an adaptation of Return of the Jedi, from a series of noveliizations of the original Star Wars Trilogy. Unlike some of the others this one is very close to the original. We are still in the part when the heroes are in Jabba's palace. The kids like my impression of Jabba's laugh and when I speak in huttese and whatever language that Bib Fortunate speaks in. The kids drifted off as the sand skiffs approached the pit of Carkoon, the home of the Sarlac. It's really great that they are enjoying these stories that brought me so much joy when I was their ages.

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