My reading journal - Wednesday

My daughter's teacher took making sure they  are reading to the next level. She makes they do a reading journal where you have to write about what you are reading. I love it. So this week I will do it to. 

Wednesday: compare two characters and describe their differences and similarities. 

Norse Mythology
By Neil Gaiman

This book so far has really been about three characters Odin, Thor and Loki. I have decided to compare Thor and Loki. Thor is serious and physically powerful. While Loki is mischievous and while having a physical presence does his battles with his mind and mouth rather than his fists like Thor does. Loki is portrayed as smart and cunning while  Thor is seen as a powerful dullard. 

On the other hand both are gods in the mythology of the Norse people. Both are beloved by Odin, Thor as his son and Loki as his blood brother. And they have a bond in so much Thor allowed Loki to renege on his deal with the dwarfs. 

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