Reading Journal - Monday

My daughter's teacher took making sure her class is reading to the next level. She makes them do a reading journal where you have to write about what you are reading. I love it. So this week I will do it as well.

Monday: What happened in the chapter you read? Summarize in 3-5 sentences.  

Norse Mythology
  By Neil Gaiman

In the chapter I just read, Loki the trickster removed the hair from Thor's wife Sif's head. Thor was mad and Loki made a deal with him that he could get the Dwarves to make her new hair. Loki had two sets of dwarfs making five items, he made it a competition telling one group they could have his head if they one. They made hair that would magically grow on Sif's head, they also made a boat that folded down to pocket size and they forged Thor's hammer Mjolnir. Odin and Thor were pleased and the dwarfs won. But ever the trickster Loki said they couldn't have his head because it would require them to take his neck and that wasn't part of the bet. 

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