Buying cups and a Major League Baseball preview

A few weeks ago we signed our son up for this season of little league. It will be his third season, first was t-ball, then last year was coach pitch and now player pitch. The league commissioner guy, told me he needed to wear grey baseball pants and wear cleats. He asked if we had our own bat or helmet. We had a bat (which I hope is Little League approved) and were looking at helmets. Then I asked "does he need to wear a cup?" And the guy looked at me like I was asking "do fish like water". So yes he needed a cup.

I drive back home wondering who sells cups for 6 year olds. Apparently everyone does. From the old sumo styled ones, to boxer briefs with a pouch to pocketed briefs there were a world of options. My best friend who has a 9 year old (a true grizzled veteran of little league) gave me some sage advice as to what to get, and another piece of invaluable advice, buy which ever cleats are cheapest (since they are going to grow out of them quickly).

After a few sick days, the little guy was ready to head out of the house. So we went to the local sporting goods store and searched. The baseball pants were right there and then we went searching for the right cup. I told them that a cup was there to protect his penis, he replied just like the helmet protects my head. Sure. He picked out a blue one. It was for adults 135-170 pounds. I said that might be too big. I found the peewee sizes and showed him some options. He eventually went with a brief (probably because he's used to wearing briefs). I worried, would they be comfortable. Would it hurt when he ran in them. Mostly I just wanted to make sure he's well protected.

As we walked over to the shoe section. He asked if it would hurt to get hit with a baseball in the cup area. I was honest and said yes, a little, but a lot less than without a cup. He was ok with that. And seemed ready to take the field with his teammates.

Oh right since it's right before opening day here is my official and totally unbiased MLB preview.

New York Mets make it back to the World Series, and regular season MVP Yoenis Cespedes and the aces lead the Mets to their third World Championship.


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