Putting a New USB Charger into my Home with the DIYZ® app

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with the DIYZ® app. All opinions of apps and companies that help me complete DIY projects are my own.

If you are like me and my family, your home is filled with all sorts of gadgets, tablets, phones, speakers and portable video game systems (just to a name a few.) And all those gadgets need a place to charge. But, there are only so many ports on the cable box and I know I can never find enough charging cubes. So with the help of the DIYZ app, I did something about it.

My plan was to install a new electrical outlet that has two USB ports, which would add to our capabilities to keep all of our devices charged. I read the step-by-step instructions, watched the video several times, picked up my supplies, drank a large caffeinated beverage and was ready to go. Confession time; I am not handy. Not handy at all. Doing repairs around the house gives me anxiety. I worry I will mess things up beyond my own abilities and then I have to make a call to a friend, or worse, a professional. Also, working with electricity scares me. I could burn down my house or electrocute myself, or both! These options seemed pretty likely, but I liked the idea of charging my iPhone from an outlet in the wall, so I gave it my best shot.

I went into the basement and flipped off the circuit that corresponded with where I was going to do the install. Since all the lights were out, I used a battery powered lantern to show me the way. The step-by-step instructions were spot on, until I came to an instruction that looked nothing like my project. There weren't three wires and the outlet fixture wouldn't come out. I decided to use the video-chat feature and speak with one of the DIYZ Pro Advisors. He was super honest with me and suggested I use another outlet, since from how I described it, the outlet fixture was very old and may be difficult to remove. The last thing I wanted was difficult. So I cleaned up my work area and moved on to a spot with much better light and went to work. Once again, I cut the circuit and used the voltage tester. This was much better.

Sweat was rolling down my brow as I twisted the wires around new fixture. The white wire, which should not have been dangerous, was still making me worry. When I came to the black wire, I called my wife and put her on speaker, just in case something bad happened. Within a few minutes, everything was secured. I got the power back up and checked it out. My tablet started charging instantly. Wahoo! Nothing makes you feel more accomplished than conquering a fear.

In addition to being inept at home repairs, I don't really know my way under the hood of my car. Sure, I can add wiper fluid, or jump start a battery, but anything more advanced than that…not so much. Recently, one of my headlights burnt out, which is dangerous – especially when you have to drive at night to work. Luckily, the DIYZ app also shows you how to do minor car maintenance too! So, after buying a ten-dollar light bulb, it only took me five minutes to install it. Good as new. Without the app, I wouldn't have had the courage to do it myself.

I never felt talked down to watching the instructional videos. I also really liked that you could order recommended tools and materials through Amazon.

The DIYZ app really empowered me to do these simple DIY projects for myself. In the past I would hire a professional or let it go and pray that it wouldn't get any worse. During the process, I discovered that I can change an outlet, or a car headlight, but there are things that I can’t just fix. For example, the very old electrical system that is powering our home. I’ll still be saving that job for a professional!

The app is free to download for both Android and Apple iOS devices. Better yet, the video-chat feature is also free, but only for a limited time.

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