Tabletop Tuesday- Build or Boom

We could hear the snow being whipped around tapping on our windows and skylight. The wind howled like a wolf. Looking outside the snow was piling up faster than it could be shoveled. Well, at least faster than I could shovel it. There was no use to shovel at this point anyway, as meteorologists forecasted for several more hours of heavy snow. 

With homework and studying done, and not wanting the kids to be little vegetables in front of the TV or iPad for what would turn out to be a four day weekend, we needed a plan. I had an ace up my sleeve. I brought the kids to the dining room table and took out a copy of Proto.Toys new game Build or Boom. From the get go the kids were very much on board. 

Build or Boom, is a building game where two players race against each other to build increasingly more complicated structures. And whomever finishes there building first can slam on a dynamite shaped plunger which blows up their opponent’s structure. I separated the game pieces into two identical piles and placed the first card on the holder and my kids went at it. At first it was difficult to place the pieces, a combination of adrenaline, anticipation and very smooth plastic makes it tough for anyone other than nerves of steel. But after a few moments everyone got the hang of it. My eight year old daughter, a whiz at building things, easily completed her structure and before she was able to blow up her 6 year old brother’s building he blew hers up. Was he finished? No. Did and argument ensue. Yes. Did a timeout happen? Yes.

So after I shoveled our stairs and walk way and the kids played in the snow for a while, we tried Build or Boom round two. This time it was a bit more civilized. The kids went through a lot of the stack of cards, some were very tricky and I couldn't even get them to stay in place. Throughout the weekend the kids would play a bunch more times, and there isn't a better sound than hearing some silence, followed by the sound of plastic pieces hitting a table and joyous giggles and coming from the other room.

The game is beautifully designed from the packaging to the play pieces themselves. It is for kids 4 and up, but I don’t think that a four year old would be able to build some of the structures that are on the cards. But I am sure they would like the BOOM portion of the game. 

Build or Boom is available from Proto.Toys’ website and costs $29.95. If the 30 cards it comes with are not enough there is now a 25 card expansion set also available. 

NOTE: Proto.Toys supplied us with a copy of the game to facilitate the review but all opinions are my own.

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