Tabletop Tuesday - Snappy Dressers

In an effort to alleviate screen time, my kids and I are playing tabletop games. Some are full games with boards some are simple card games. All are fun!

Snappy Dressers
Ages 7+
Players 1-10

I picked up a new card game from the store the other day called Snappy Dressers. The game appears to be a matching game with hipster animals decked out in their trendiest and funkiest outfits. But it's way more.

There are 10 different games that you can play with the uniquely dressed Foxes, Sloths, Zebras, Giraffes, Pandas, and Owls. We played the basic version of the game where all the animals are trying to get into a very cool party, and to get in you need to match one item from your card to one on the “host” card. Play continues until your stack of cards is gone.

Each card matches every other card in one unique way. Players can match by animal, clothing color, and party gifts. Within a few rounds you will find yourself screaming “Blue scarf! Blue scarf! Blue Scarf” as you try to beat your friends and family.

Like any card game around our house it can get pretty competitive. Kids and adults trying to win. As I mentioned earlier there are 10 different ways to play including a solo game, in Party of 1 you start with a random card and then have to make a 3x3 grid with a match in every direction. As fast as you can. You can either time yourself or if you have a friend with a deck go head to head. It took me 2:06, it was not super easy.

I really liked this game, the art is neat and somewhat sophisticated in a very ironic way. Unlike a lot of card games we have tried my kids have been very enthusiastic about playing Snappy Dressers over and over again. A great game that you can throw in your backpack and is ready to play anywhere with a flat surface.

Disclosure: The maker of this game did not supply a copy of this game nor did they compensate me for this review.


Tammy Remo said...

I just bought my copy of Mattel's Snappy Dressers at Toys R US and the art caught my eye. It does have a thick instruction poster manual that folds out in full color, which is a first for a low cost innovative card game like Snappy Dressers. Ironically, Mattel is known for kiddie games, but this one is meant to be played by everyone. The art isn't kiddie, but rather almost a Soho artisan piece you would see in the Flatiron neighborhood of NYC, which is charming. Plus, the gameplay is much easier than another Mattel matching game: Bold. I love the Variations to how you can match the animals attributes such as clothing, balloons, gifts, etc. and different variations of games within the unique weird deck. It is quirky, in a way it is not a gimmick, but fun since everything is well balanced from gameplay to the art to how it is for everyone. Plus you can make your own games with this deck?, Like ESP memory ,counting games, tarot perhaps? To teaching kids about sophisticated culture of millennials. Please make a review about Bold card game by Mattel, it is quite similar to Snappy Dressers, but quirky. I love Snappy Dressers, it is definitely worth the buy.

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Niel said...

I'll check out BOLD thanks for commenting!