Game of Thrones:The Sins of the Father 

In the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, fatherhood plays a big part. Either walking in their father's footsteps, repenting for their sins or trying to erase their legacy. Despite being off camera (deaths 17 years before the series, in season 1 and season 4) for many years they are still a driving force behind the moves of their surviving children.
Daneryes Targarayan tries to distance herself from her father Aryes “the mad king” who burned his enemies. She has tried to be a benevolent ruler, but like her father she has used fire to vanquish those that got in her way or opposed her.
Then there is the specter of the former Hand of the King Tywinn Lannister whose effect on his three children has affected the history of Westeros. From the daughter who soaked up all the lessons her father meant for her brother who would rather hone his sword than his mind. And the other brother who despite rejection from his father, would become almost his father's equal in his prowess.
And lastly Ned Stark, whose children reflect the kindness, honesty and loyalty of their Lord Father. His eldest son died practically saying “this is what father would have done”. His daughters grew into the young women that would bring honor to their family name. One as a Lady of the realm and the other as a faceless man. Despite their divergent tracks in life, they remained fiercely loyal to each other and to family.
The kind wolf dies but the pack survives
But no one was more like their father Ned Stark, like his bastard son Jon Snow. Fiercely loyal to family and friends. He protected the weak and always tries to do the what he believes to be right regardless of the consequences. Even refusing to lie when it would be convenient. Ned wouldn't do it, neither does Jon.
But the last episode of Game of Thrones season 7 of the program revealed that Jon was not actually Ned’s bastard, but that he was the legal child of Ned’s sister Lyanna and the crown prince of Westeros Rhagar Targarayan. Which anyone with the internet knew years ago (R+L=J) It hasn't been revealed to Jon (or Aegon as he was named at birth) his true lineage. He will no doubt find out soon after another tryst with Danereys (his aunt). But how will this rock Jon’s world. He spent his entire life trying to be like a man he thought to be his father. But now that man (his uncle) who was known for his honesty is revealed to be someone who kept up a lie for decades.
In the end he will probably be more like his adopted father/protector Ned than anyone else because that is who raised him to be the reluctant hero that he is. From bastard to Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch to King in the North to well we don't know that yet.

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