Into the Scrum

Recently I posted something into one of my theoretically secret Dad Blogger groups. I was asking if anyone had a contact at a company I wanted to propose something to. And one of the guys did, I thanked him and one of these days I’ll send a note to the contact he provided. Then literally the next day, and pretty much every day since. I see a Facebook ad for the brand I was talking about on my feed. It was like Facebook is psychic or has some algorithm that scours everything you type and spits out ads. I’m guessing the second.

But on the other hand, I have been really enjoying the new podcast Into The Scrum hosted by Doug French and Jeff Bogle. And six weeks into their podcast, it seems like each one is talking directly to me. This past week’s episode loosely called “Yes And” Jeff talked about some dark times he was going through this summer, which he appears to be getting past, while on a sponsored trip. I was driving across the 59th street bridge in NYC and boom there it was. The issue I have been dealing with for a few months now. Like Jeff, I have been dealing with some personal issues, and it was causing me great anxiety both personally and professionally. How do things in real life affect things in my digital real life? I am still figuring that out. And I know I am being super vague. But that is how it has to be right now.

The guys talk a lot about impostor syndrome, and yeah if the guy who started the premiere gathering of dad influencers and one of the most well-known and respected dad bloggers feel it, I can feel it too as I wait for possible edits to a recent sponsored post.

You build something over time, and the base is becoming solid. It scares the hell out of me to imagine trying to start completely over in a new direction. Sorry, I’m being so vague. Wow, what a great endorsement for a podcast this has been.

Listen to two nice guys talking about the state of our mutual business of dad influencers, and then you start tearing up. FIVE STARS

In all seriousness, this podcast is inspiring. And I have taken a lot of tips that Jeff and Doug have given out and started implementing them in the way I conduct my business. I look forward to each Monday when the new episodes drop on Apple Podcasts (or wherever else you get podcasts).

So recently, in the tradition of giving back, I was at the sensory deprivation place The Float Place, for a post I was writing. And I struck up a conversation with one of the workers who was really intrigued with the idea of blogging. We spoke a little before I floated. And when I was leaving he caught up with me and we spoke some more. I gave him tips on how I work and my writing process. Writing for yourself first, then eventually other people might want to read it. I told him I often look back at my early posts and they are unreadable, to be fair some of them are amazingly funny. But it doesn’t matter, you can’t get good at something without doing it. So hopefully I influenced that guy to start writing something of his own, in the same way, Jeff and Doug have inspired me to re think how I do my stuff.

PS – Nugget is 9 and she needs to deodorize too. So the mouse is not alone.

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