I'm thankful for ... my friends

Our regular programming will return next Monday. This week I reflect on things I'm thankful for. 

Friends are great to have. And I am very lucky to have a great group of friends. I have gone through a tough time this year and I have been lifted by my friends, two in particular. One who was constantly on top of me, keeping me distracted and caffeinated. Another who kept a little bit of distance, but was clandestinely checking up on me every day. I knew about that because the other guy can be sloppy. Both ways were exactly what I needed. You guys will never know because I don't have the words, how much you helped. So if I win a lottery and one day a boat is parked out in front of your house ... it is from me.

And to a friend from long ago ... I hope we are on a road to becoming friends again. 

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