I'm thankful for ... Scouting

Our regular programming will return next Monday. This week I reflect on things I'm thankful for. 

A year ago, I left  Woodbadge course N2-388-16 abruptly on day 4. There was a family crisis going on and I needed to be home. We got back on a path to eliminate most of that crisis. And I contacted the course director of the next course and asked about getting on the staff. He really wanted to choose as many newcomers as he could but said he would get back to me. A few months later I got the email and immediately said yes. The course N2-640-17 was a masterpiece, yes we were behind schedule all the time. And yes that ticket pajama party lasted until 3am, and then the next night was until at least 2am, but it was great. The best Woodbadge experience I ever had. I'm going to write more about it at a later date but just wow.

And back at my home units, I have never been prouder of my team. They have stepped up in their roles and have added other roles to build up our overall group. When I was at a parents night and there were rows of blue shirts looking at me (or off into the distance) as I talked about registration I thought in a few years there are going to be rows and rows of brown shirts and it starts here. We have to keep doing what we are doing on the Pack side and keep working on the troop side. We won't be denied.

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