Ready Player One - by Ernest Cline

So this is a book review of a book I didn't read. Well I tried to read it. But between being to busy. And having a short attention span. That didn't quite happen. 

Recently a friend recommended the unabridged audio book version as narrated by Wil Wheaton. And with me heading out in a lengthy road trip, this was the perfect opportunity to check it out. I was not disappointed at all. 

The story is about a dystopian near future. The only hope most of the world has is an immersive multiplayer online game called The Oasis. It's more than a game. People work and go to school in the matrix like world. They become who they want to be. One of the creators of the game has recently died and unbeknownst to anyone he had been working on a special game within the game. 

A great quest for an Easter egg hidden deep within the Oasis was launched. The winner would get the creator’s fortune and control of his company and in essence control of the Oasis. After several years of no progress. Suddenly two players solve the first riddle of the puzzle and over the next six months the hunt for the egg begins in earnest. Throw in a love story. Lots of great 1980s references. I was hooked. 

I think having formerly TV’s Wesley Crusher as the narrator made it even better. He has such a nice smooth voice and clearly a passion for the text that it never was boring. It got me through lots of miles on the road. 

This March a film version of the book will be released. I'm not sure a movie can do the book justice, but the trailer looks pretty cool despite the fact that the guy playing Wade is way to handsome to be Wade.I’m just saying, you spend so much time with a book/audiobook you picture what people look like and Wade doesn't look like that guy. 

It's a great story and I would recommend the book before seeing the movie. 

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