Tabletop Tuesday - Simon’s Cat

As I walked along the gaming aisle it caught my eye. A bright pink box with an adorable cartoon cat. It was on clearance, it was from Steve Jackson Games the makers of Munchkin, and my son is obsessed with cats, so why not.

This fast-paced card game for 3 to 6 players features art taken directly from animator and illustrator Simon Tofield's YouTube series, Simon's Cat. which has hundreds of millions of views. This game is easy to learn and fun to play. Each player is dealt an equal portion of the cards, whoever has the pink #3 car puts that card down first and the action starts from there. The next player needs to match either the color or number. If you can’t, you pick up the “mess” and put in in front of you. You keep going until all the players have used all of their cards. Whoever has the most messes in front of them gets a blame card featuring Simon, if there is a tie, multiple people get Simon cards. The first player to get blamed three times loses. And I guess everyone else wins.

But honestly, everyone wins, because of the great artwork and the quick gameplay. You can get through a round in about 5 minutes, and a full game in about 20, so it’s perfect for a quick game before homework, or waiting in the airport, or anywhere you have a flat surface really. While the art is fun on all other cards, from fuzzy kittens, and scared chihuahuas, but the funniest cards are pink #11 and #12. If you don’t get a good laugh after seeing those cards you have no soul.

What is really nice is that you can play this game multiple times and it is still fun each time.

Note: I was not compensated in any way for this review

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